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During this extremely difficult time, we understand that the safety of our clients as well as cleaning staff is of the highest level of importance. In that regard, we have taken additional measures and have met with our house cleaners in order to make certain that all precautionary steps are taken in order to keep your properties clean whilst securing your safety.


The Coronavirus COVID 19 has everyone at a very high risk and the members of Fast Action Mitigation & Cleaning Services will be monitoring the situation continuously in order to keep apprised of any and all new developments and in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here are steps we are sharing with our staff:


  • Sanitization of hands/arms before entering and exiting the property.

  • Use of disposable shoe covers throughout the entire clean.

  • Use of disposable gloves per every room to be cleaned.

  • Change of gloves should a cough and/or sneeze come on.

  • As always, all staff member must thoroughly clean their equipment after each use.

  • Everyone on staff will maintain a separate cleaning kit containing sponges, magic erasers, and other essential products per client to avoid cross-contamination from property to property.

  • All cleaning personnel has been advised to stay home should they experience flu like symptoms and to consult with a medical professional.


These are just some of the steps in which our staff has been advised of but rest assured that we are here to make certain that we are able to facilitate the cleaning of your properties with as much safety and care as possible. The “CDC” has advised that “person to person contact is possible when one person who is contagious is in close contact with another, usually about six feet, and that diseases spread through respiratory droplets that are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.” For your protection, we will maintain that same six foot distance from clients in order to secure safety of all parties.

Finally, it is our understanding that due to increased demand for some cleaning and personal care products, some of you may be out of stock on select items. We want to assure you that we are working closely with our vendors to add more stock to us and we are still very much able to attend to your cleaning needs in a safely manner. We encourage you all to take this very seriously and surely hope that everyone is staying safe. We appreciate the level of trust that you place in Fast Action Mitigation & Cleaning Services and shall closely monitor the situation as well as take actions necessary to help keep our staff and its clients safe. In the meantime, we wish to continue to provide you with the excellent service that you are used to from us.

Regards, Stephanie M. Guerra, Owner

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